Learning on Graphs Conference, 2022

LoG acknowledges the generous support of the following organisations.

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LoG is a new annual research conference that covers areas broadly related to machine learning on graphs and geometry, with a special focus on review quality.

The machine learning on graphs community has grown significantly in the last few years, as have its applications. A stand alone conference aims to enable precise targeting of expert reviewers, as well as bring the community together. The conference organization is advised by well-known names in graph learning, lending broad support and exposure to the conference.

To cover the costs, we are looking for corporate sponsors. These include costs for: Zoom, Gathertown, monetary reviewer rewards (these are unique to LoG, to incentivize high-quality reviews), and designers for our content.

Contact us at logconference@googlegroups.com if your organization is interested in sponsoring LoG!

Details of sponsorship tiers and benefits are included in the PDF and provided below.